We have three simple donation plans to choose from. The'Adopt a Cow' plan allows you adopt any one of our cows for their entire lifetime. The second plan is a general donation to help maintain the Goshala and its activities that support the love and care of the cows. And the third offers various options to feed the cows. You can choose to offer a one-time donation or subscribe to a recurring monthly donation.

Goshala Maintenance

Your donation will help us to support on-going maintenance expenses such as Goshala repairs, daily wages, website maintenance etc.

    Subscribe to a recurring donation

Adopt a Cow

Your donation will be deposited and the interest used to care for the entire life of the cow. This includes fodder and medical expenses.

Feed a Cow

Traditionally, people would feed first the cows to observe a special occasion like a birthday, death or marriage anniversary.

***Donations are eligible for 80G tax exemption.