The Glories Of Mother Cow

The Glories Of Mother Cow

In India from many thousands of years cow is worshiped as mother and has always been given an important place.But at this age the rate of killing of cows is going on increasing day by day.There are 2 main reasons for this:-

1. Today’s generation doesn’t know the importance of Cow.
2. Today’s people doesn’t know the benefits obtained from Cow.

If we just go on speaking of Glories of cow for days, weeks, months, years then too that much time will not be enough. In Rig Veda it is said,”Gostumatranavidyate”. There is no great mother except cow in this whole universe. Our own mother feeds us her breast milk upto 5 yrs. Today’s mothers not even feed their babies for more than 2 yrs. But Cow feeds us with her milk throughout her life. “Gavo no parmaanmita”: Cow is our best friend.

Cow is a Satvaguni animal: There are 84 lakhs species in the whole universe. 9 lakhs Aquatic animals, 20 lakhs different species of trees, 11 lakhs insects, 10 lakhs birds, 30 lakhs animals, and 4 lakhs humans. But amongst these only Cow is satvaguni. For worshiping the Lord and also to progress in devotional life satvagun is very necessary. If we associate with Cow, do some service to her then there is a chance that we can achieve some satvagun through her.Forget of service,even if we stand near cow for some time there is a transformation in our thoughts.

Cow is very Useful to us. It gives us milk. Cows milk is nectar. We have not tasted the nectar available in swargaloka but cow’s milk is the Amrita of this martyaloka. By drinking cows milk our mind becomes stable and we can concentrate on our sadhana. Our body becomes active and we start hopping like the young calf of the cow. Our bones become strong by drinking cow’s milk.

The Glories Of Mother Cow

Cow gives us urine, gomutra. Cow’s urine can treat each and every disease if used in proper proportion. It is said that it can even nullify the effect of poison. By drinking fresh urine of cow people can reduce their fats. According to scientists, Cows urine can be used against sleeplessness, piles, teeth diseases, asthma, eye diseases, acidity, indigestion, heart diseases etc. Medicines which we buy from medical shops has a manufacturing date and an expiry date which says that this medicine will not be useful after so and so date. But in case of cow’s urine its power goes on increasing as it starts getting old. Cows urine is also useful against insects like mosquitoes, flies, etc if used to clean floors of the houses.

Cow gives us cow dung. Italian scientist,G E Begede has discovered that cow’s dung can treat malaria. American scientist,James Martin has proved that if cow dung along with seawater is sprinkled on barren land,then the land becomes fruitful. Cow dung can absorb pollutants in water caused by steamers. Houses made of Cow dung cannot be destroyed by thunderbolts, also people staying in those houses cannot be affected by nuclear bombs.

Even when Cow is so useful the main reason to worship her is that she is very much dear to Lord Krishna.

One Bollywood Hero killed 1 deer and was considered to be an offender and was announced to be prisoned for 4 yrs by the Indian government. But on the other side the same Indian government gives license to slaughter houses to kill hundreds of sacred cows each day. It is necessary to stop this. Please help in Cow protection.