What’s there in the Cow for Me!!

One might wonder why cows are under discussion, as in the Vedic times cows held important position in society and every house would have at least few cows & bulls. Actually cows & bulls were treated as family members as they would care for & provide for the whole family. In the current society we miss the importance of cows may be because we have adopted modern means of sustenance. We think cows only provide milk and therefore we take them as burden as soon as they seem to drift away from our interests. But actual wealth that cows provide is manifold.
What to speak of such an animal whose urine and stool are so useful? Cow products like ghee, urine and dung apart from being sacred have a vital role to play in the social, economic, biological aspects of every walk of life on earth. Cow dung is used as manure for crops and retaining the fertility of soil helping natural rotation, in addition to its being used as fuel in the form of dung cakes and gas. Cow urine also serves as a natural pesticide for crops and is very effective in curing flu, arthritis, bacterial disease, food poisoning etc, and finds its best use in Ayurvedic medicines. Cow milk is the complete food to human beings. It is a miracle food which nourishes the finer tissues in the brain which help in understanding higher subjects. Cow Ghee is considered amrita because it gives vitality, agility and energy to us, cooling in nature and helps in stopping infection, strengthening bones, removing toxins and giving strength.

They are also medicinal in curing many diseases like epilepsy, tuberculosis, cure psychiatric disorders and many others.

Bulls on the other hand are used for tilling land and also for transportation purposes, oil extraction, flour grinding, water pumping and many other ways in the scarcity and absence of non renewable sources of energy like petrol, diesel, coal, wood etc. This will help reduce the carbon footprint and also provide and is economical too when handled intelligently.

These are facts and are in the best of our own interests to pay a heed to the real happy way of life in harmony with nature and everything within her. Then and there itself the prosperity reigns, when we say live and let live together with our companions.