Ecosystem & Harmony

By nature’s own arrangement life is interdependent amongst different species of which we humans are a part. If we have to survive and flourish we should wish the same with our fellow beings. For example, if we look at our food requirement, there is an inseparable role of cattle in the miraculous chain of sun to grass and then to human food which is given free of cost for all.

Recycle of Agricultural waste

Solar energy is basis for life on earth.  The sun’s rays, striking vast acres of pasture and waste land energizes the grasses and other forages to grow.  Cattle then feed on this, which would otherwise be of no food value to humans, and transform it into flavorful, healthy diet. Cattle, especially the Cows and bulls are unique and natural recyclers of organic wastes from the produce and process of grains, fruits, vegetables, and other foodstuffs. More than half the dry matter produced by crops is inedible to humans. Cattle feed on them and there is no problem of dispose.  Moreover, they are sources of nutrient and protein. We just need to follow the rules of the ecosystem and be conscious not to unsettle the other living beings but befriend them.

Ruminant Recycle

In Planned Grazing, all the manure goes from the ruminant to the ground, where it is dung beetles, earthworms and other soil biota breed on, transforming it into stable soil organic carbon Thus, it can be seen, cattle enhance man’s ability to solve the growing food crisis. E.g. the cows give milk, bulls help in tilling land, and their manure is used as fertilizer to the agricultural fields and so on.

By adopting contemporary techniques like stall feeding where the animals are feed without their normal movement in the pastures, the effect is shared both by them and their owners.

Dairy producers know that comfortable cows give more milk. Cows comfort also affects the health of the cow’s organs – feet, legs, udders, teats etc and also their eating habits, feed intake, fertility, and longevity, which in turn affects productivity

During recycle, the leftovers from stall fed grasses and the manure are discarded without the opportunity for soil life forms to perform their manifold beneficial functions, stable storage of carbon from photosynthesis, performing methanotrophy by eliminating the methane from atmosphere, feeding the soil biota essential for a healthy grassland ecosystem, and enhancing new grasses to begin the cycle, thus breaking the natural biological cycle, impeding the soil.

In conclusion, the flourish of ecosystem is interdependent and is very much affect by the intervention of man in it. We are the ones to walk into the future while trying to balance at the present.